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A note specifying the exact reason for absence, or a call to the office at (707) 253-3678, is required upon a child’s return to school. It is important to clear any absence from school. After three unverified absences, we are required to mark the student as truant. If your child is late for school, please have them come to the office for a pink slip, which is their pass to class. If you are late due to an appointment, it will be an excused tardy.

Winter Break:
NVLA offers a 3-week winter vacation break.  Please plan family vacations and trips during these three weeks. Additional vacation time attached to this break will not be approved.

Independent Study:
If your child will be out of school for 5 or more non-vacation days, we request that you communicate with your child’s teacher and establish an independent study contract.  Your teacher will prepare daily work to be done at home or while you are away on a trip, and the absence will be excused.

Regular attendance is extremely important and we ask your continued cooperation to make sure that your child attends school every day.

to report absences

Please call the office (707) 253-3678

Dismissal & Leaving early

Dismissal From School: 
Students are expected to go directly home after school. PLEASE be on time; late pickups can be very upsetting for children. Students should wait on the benches in front of the office by the flagpole for their pick up.  Children may not stay and play in the playground after school unless they are enrolled in an after school program or are accompanied by their parent.

Leaving School Before Dismissal: 
No student will be allowed to leave school before dismissal time without a parent or other authorized adult listed on the student’s emergency card, coming to the office to sign the student out.